Safety Consulting and on set Supervision

Safety is about more than just policies, equipment, and training. It’s about everyone going home at the end of the day safe and healthy. Our company prides itself on the level of communication we provide to cast, crew and production crew throughout each production. We are here to help rather than be in your face trying to tell you what’s best for you.

Contacting us early in pre-production can save you time and money, giving us time to properly asses the risks involved with the scripted or boarded action to assessing the risks at all the locations the production wishes to film at. We are then able to then provide you with a detailed safety report with risk assessments to help create awareness of hazards and risk. Identify who may be at risk and meet your legal obligations under the film and television safety code and WHS Act and Regulations.

Below are some of the Film, Television and media productions we have been a part of.

Below are some of the commercial productions we have been a part of.