The film and television industry uses preventative measures to eliminate and/or minimise risk and injury to persons and property whilst providing evidence to demonstrate that all parties have properly exercised their legal and moral duty of care to self and all others affected by their work.

All persons involved in a film & television project have a role to play in eliminating or minimising risk and injury to persons and property. Part of this process is for you, as students, is to learn and understand how to assess and address risks associated with your production prior to shooting.

For your upcoming production will need to provide the following:

  • Shooting script
  • Shot list
  • Story boards (If applicable)
  • Crew list (with contact details)
  • Shooting schedule
  • Completed Location & Script Safety breakdown form

You will need to complete one Location & Script Safety Breakdown per actual street location.  By clicking the links below you will find an example of how to complete the form, and a blank copy of the form for you to complete.

When saving a form for each location, put the name of your production first: (Name_of_Production_Location_&_Script_Safety_Breakdown.docx)

If you require more information or assistance please contact:
Gordon Waddell
Mobile: 0419 717 712

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